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The Bulletproof Baseball Cap

Bulletproof Baseball Cap- Level IIA for $149.

*(NOTE) ONLY SMALL IN STOCK. No Larger sizes.

This Bulletproof Baseball Cap. It is designed to offer discreet protection for police and security guards. This bulletproof baseball cap is the first of its kind and it offers protection you can wear anytime, anywhere.

The Bulletproof Baseball Cap offers level IIA protection. It will stop 9mm, .38, .380, .40 and even .45 caliber rounds. These are common rounds you might face on the street. This hat will stop these rounds and prevent them from entering your skull.

The hats offer a hard plate of compressed polyethylene. This plate covers the front 1/3 of the baseball cap. This is the most coverage that we could provide while maintaining a discreet appearance. The Bulletproof Baseball Cap is not a ballistic helmet, it is more discreet and offers less protective area. Unlike a ballistic helmet, this baseball cap is designed to be worn every day, everywhere.

Hats are currently available in Black only with your choice of two sizes: Small, and Medium. They are Flex-fit hats so they are comfortable for a wide range of people.

Will the hat protect the side and rear of your head? No. The protective panel only covers the front. It covers 33% of the inside of the hat.

Why won't it protect the side and rear? There are two answers. The first has to do with discretion. The idea behind the project is to project a friendly appearance, and if you cannot hide the ballistic panel, that won't happen. The second has to do with fitting different people's heads. Protecting the sides and back of different people's heads makes a helmet. Those already exist.

How does it work? We are essentially using materials that would normally be used to stop rifle rounds to create a small panel which will stop handgun rounds. This isn't magic. It is just good material science.

How was the hat tested? The hat was tested at Oregon Ballistics Laboratory in accordance with the frontal portion of the National Institute of Justice's helmet standard. The hat passed the NIJ level IIA test.

What caliber will the hat stop? The hat offers level IIA protection which includes .22LR, .38, .380, .40, 9mm and .45ACP rounds.

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